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Chen Rapson Harel | Change Agent | חן רפסון הראל

The “Master-It” training Program.

How to unlock your inner greatness.

“Master it, Relationships” 

relationship with our spouses and partner, raising and expending the “Master it, Golden Keys” workshop

“Master it, Becoming your own master” 

“Master it, Golden Keys”

Relationships & Communication, The golden keys of interpersonal relationships

“Master it, Health”

From wellbeing to Great being. How to master a healthy body and soul.


Want to have an intimate and powerful relationship with your partner?

this the workshop for you!!!

Call now!

The “Master-it - Relationships” workshop.

*This workshop is an emphasis on spouses based on The “Master it, Golden Keys” workshop. And is suitable also
participants who are not in current relationship.

“Master it, Becoming your own master” 

Understanding the psychology of happiness and inner leadership.

The “Master-it, Golden Keys” workshop. 

The golden keys of interpersonal relationships & connections.

From all things we have in life, our relationships determine the quality of our lives. We live in a community and surrounded
by family, friends and co-workers. Though mastering relationship is not something we are born with neither was thought in
school …

learn from a fascinating & innovative workshop, where we will understand the fundamental of this influential theme
that will shade new light on your perspective and fill you with inspiration.

Practice implementation of the knowledge and various skills in the field of communication and relationships, through
personal sharing, short emotional exercise and guided meditation.

Enrich yourself with great tools for better and more satisfying relationship!

The Outcome, - In a discrete, intimate, and warm environment, I will provide you with new knowledge and practical
tools that you can use immediately to generate better and more satisfying relationships with the people you care about

The 'Master it- Health' Workshop.

From Wellbeing to Great being!. How to master your own health.

Walking the path of life teaches us many lessons. this workshop was derived from personal lessons taught well.

·Improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Effective tips and ideas on daily habits that can dramatically change your life.

·Eat well, feel great. Tired of feeling fatigue, having memory loss or simply just not being at your prime?. Learn how to heal!

·Stress management training, Be exposed to new and surprising knowledge.

·Meditation as a key to relaxation and higher performances, Discover your inner peace and strength with tools used by the leaders of the business world.

·Health workshop brings new cutting edge information on general health. it’s not what you think…

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