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A few times in life you come across a teacher who touches your life profoundly, who inspires you to live your life fully and to open your heart to all that is has to offer. thank you for taking me on your magical mystery ride.


Rosenblum, Karen

A true professional, A talented speaker, she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, very knowledgeable on a variety of topics, inspiring and admirable, a session with Chen is like meeting a polished diamond full of grace patience and kindness.  

Harel, Moran

As I am a student of Chen for the last year on the TriloTherapy studies, I wish to share my deepest feelings - I met Chen after spending few retreats with zen master Nisim Amon - a fantastic teacher. I was curious to find out how will Chen manage to fill Nisim's giant boots. So.. I fond Chen was an amazing teacher. With much experience both in teaching. Vast background in psychology gave her a really helpful twist to actually approach many suffer issues both understanding by our mind and heart.Chen was a great surprise for me. She's not only has a deep understanding of our mind and feeling and bring a simple approach to experience many situations and make an enormous improvement in a short time compared to regular psychology methods. She is also a great delicate teacher with a large set of tools from Buddhism. Throw yoga and Mindfulness, health diets, and a large set of practical but deep techniques.After a while, I started a couple of treatments with my wife. There, once again - we found an amazing well-experienced therapist. Combining in a very special and delicate way actual and simple to feel & practice methods and our relationship is on a new track! We are a much less functional couple now and on a much deeper and profound communication. I can only say I thoroughly recommend Chen with all my heart - both as a therapist as well as a master 🌷

Rosenblum, Erez
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